Flippoly Review

Jerry Hu, Staff Writer

Earlier this year, University Town Center (UTC) welcomed a trendy new establishment: Flippoly. The Korean street food restaurant has a unique interior design, and mainly focuses on sandwiches and drinks. The interior design is decently made and heavily influenced by the current trend. With a pink painted wall based on its interior and photo booths that nobody uses. The store is creatively designed and worthy of an Instagram post. 

Flippoly’s menu consists of several different styles of Korean sandwiches, offered with a variety of ingredients such as bulgogi, hashbrown, mozzarella cheese and ham. What makes these sandwiches unique is that all the ingredients are sandwiched between two comically large slabs of bread. The brioche bread comes standard with all sandwiches and is heavily sauced with a crispy, buttery surface. 

After waiting a little time for my Bulgogi BBQ Sandwich, I was initially very surprised by its size. The butter absorption was immense, as even a mere touch could cause one’s finger to be greasy, thus it isn’t the healthiest for eaters. 

The overall taste of the BBQ Bulgogi seemed similar to other sandwiches, with minimal differences in ingredients between them. While I did have concerns with the number of unhealthy sauces used, I found Flippoly’s sandwiches to be the most well-rounded. Compared to other options like Subway, for the same price, you could get a more fresh and delicious sandwich at Flippoly. In addition, Flippoly’s toasting methods ensure that the bread comes out pipping hot for the optimal eating experience.  It still hits hard upon consumption just like adding multiple delicious ingredients to create an item bursting with flavors. Although its calories probably add up to the amount close to fried food, trying it out is still worth it.

When it comes to value, the cost is considerably higher than other restaurants at UTC. The average cost of a Flippoly sandwich is around $10, which is expensive compared to places such as In-N-Out. However, what separates Flippoly from the other options at UTC is its superior quality of ingredients. Everything from their bread to meat is fresh, and it justifies the high cost. 

Drinks at Flippoly have also gained popularity amongst consumers. Influenced by the hit Korean Netflix show, “Squid Game,” Flippoly offers a variety of dalgona products such as coffee, milk and frappuccinos. With a large piece of Korean candy on top, the drinks taste like melted sugar mixed with whatever liquid is present. The price value once again exceeds my standards, and in my opinion, does not make it worth the cost. 

Although not an immense amount, the quality of the food is still top-tier overall.