UHS Fall Sports Recap

Kaylee Changsek, Staff Writer

With the multitude of sports UHS offers, students can enjoy a thrilling fall sports season full of exciting games, commemorative wins, heartbreaking losses, and most importantly, lifelong memories. As the season comes to an end, it is time for a recap of the best moments performed by UHS athletes this season. Here is your guide to the highlights of the 2022 UHS Fall Sports Season. 

The fall season symbolizes the beginning of many great things, such as the new school year, classes and friends. However, what is something that we look forward to the most? Football season! The Trojans had a lively season this year, with some hard-fought victories and many packed home games, something that we have not seen since the start of the pandemic. 

Some themes for football games this season included neon, mega blue and pink-out during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. UHS students showed up and showed out with themed outfits to demonstrate school spirit and support for the athletes. 

Something unique that UHS did this year is the Trojan Horse game, an away game in which the Trojans faced off against Portola. Students who attended this game got transportation to Portola through “the Trojan Horse,” a bus that sneaked them onto the campus. The Trojan Horse then returned students to UHS while providing Tacos & Co, giving the students an exciting Friday evening with jam-packed actions and delicious food. 

Football was not the only sport this year with some breakthroughs, as the UHS cross-country team had a record-breaking season as well. On the boys’ side, senior Ansh Parashar broke the school record time for three miles, with an astonishing 14:37. Likewise, the girl’s team smashed multiple records, with more than half of the team breaking their records in meets like OC Champs. 

“I would say that I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had on this team,” senior captain Katherine Yu said. “I especially cherish this last season because I not only got to see how much I improved personally but also how much the girls on the team had been able to better their times.”

While the cross-country team sprinted through an amazing season, the girls’ tennis team is having one of its best seasons throughout the years. 

“Every single match was like a crazy fight to win,” junior Ava Bocek said.

One game, in particular, stood out. The match against Portola was a crucial win for UHS. 

“All knew that we were coming in as the underdogs when entering Portola . . . but we didn’t lose hope,” Bocek said.

The team was exhilarated when they eventually overcame Portola with multiple points during doubles matches, ultimately scoring a 10-8 victory for the Trojans, continuing their game-winning streak.

One of the biggest hidden gems of the fall sports season was the girls’ volleyball team. Starting their year off with games against Rosary Academy and Trabuco Hills, the Trojans played valiantly and provided the school community with a memorable experience. Throughout the season, the team faced off against strong opponents such as Crean Lutheran and Woodbridge High. The girls ended their impressive season with a thrilling game against Beckman High. 

Girls’ golf also did not disappoint. Led by seniors Florence Chen, Ria Murali, Eunee Hong and Jolynn Huang, the team racked up victories against Laguna Hills, Irvine and many other impressive schools, culminating in one of its most successful seasons in recent memory.  

After a successful past year in the Pacific Coast League, boys’ water polo again put up impressive stats against teams like Portola, Northwood and Laguna Hills. The team played hard until the very end of the season against San Clemente in the second round of CIF. Overall, boys’ water polo had an extremely amazing season. 

So that’s it for this year’s fall sports recap. All of our UHS athletes put in their best effort to represent the Trojans. Even though the fall sports season has ended, the fun does not end here. The school can look forward to the winter season that has already begun, with basketball, soccer, wrestling and girls’ water polo ready to make CIF and bring back championships for the Trojans.