UHS Hosts 2023 Legends Concert

Ashaley Jiang, Staff Writer

On Jan. 26 and 27, UHS Choir held its Legends Concert in the Big Theater, showcasing the talents of multiple students. The performance called for students to not only sing covers of famous songs but fully impersonate their musical icons, from Kermit the Frog to Dolly Parton. 

The concert’s creative approach provided many performers with an exciting opportunity to present their abilities. At the same time, it also brought up several challenges that performers needed to overcome. For sophomore vocalist Sunny Zhang, who took on the role of musical legend Lady Gaga, the experience was both new and nerve-racking.  

“In order to be enrolled for the show, all the cast had to audition before, and since I personally have never stood on stage and sung before, it was very stressful for me to prepare my mind for everything,” Zhang said. “After passing the audition, my song was chosen to close the entire show, [which] just raised my entire stress level.” 

Some vocalists found that the concert was challenging not only because of stage jitters but also because of the visual aspect. Sophomore Frankie Ochoa, who covered “My Way,” by Frank Sinatra, had particular difficulties replicating the likeness of his “legend.” 

“[The] most challenging [aspect] was honestly just trying to look the part,” Ochoa said. “But honestly, through the support of my fellow performers, we all just kinda got over that aspect and decided to just ball out, which we did.” 

Aside from the difficulties of the concert, however, many of the performers also found great enjoyment in an activity that encouraged them to grow and expand past their comfort zone. Senior Hannah Norman, who impersonated Ella Fitzgerald, found that the concert was somewhat of a transformative experience. 

“I think this concert was great because it allowed us to explore our abilities as musicians in a way we probably hadn’t done before,” Norman said. “We know our own limits, but we kind of got to see past that to do our legend justice.” 

In the end, the Legends Concert not only entertained those in the audience but also allowed the students on stage to build upon their passions for musical performance.