“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2”: A Song Review


Photo under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo of Isis Gaston (Ice Spice), who gained popularity following the release of “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2.”

Ashaley Jiang, Staff Writer

On Feb. 3, the internet was sent into a frenzy over the release of “Boy’s a liar Pt.2.” The song collected mass traction after the upload of a TikTok of the artists PinkPantheress and Ice Spice, which featured the two dancing to the song on a New York balcony. 

Bronx rapper Ice Spice, born Isis Gaston, garnered a significant amount of social media fame last year in 2022 with her hit single, “Munch (Feelin’ U).” With the track’s more playful and unconventional twist to the traditional New York drill music, it was bound to become a sensation. This momentum continued, and even amplified, this year as PinkPantheress and Ice Spice were revealed to be collaborating on a new track, “Boy’s a Liar Pt.2,” ultimately solidifying Ice Spice’s reputation as an online figure and talented artist.

The song offers two different perspectives on dating. In her most known segment, Ice Spice raps, “But I don’t sleep enough without you / And I can’t eat enough without you (huh).” While her voice is bold and rich in comparison to PinkPantheress’s soft and high-pitched tone, both are shown to be lamenting over the boys of their respective relationships, with one of PinkPantheress’s lines being “Did you ever want me? / Was I ever good enough?”

The simple electro-pop instrumentals add a nostalgic flair to the track, specifically the electric keyboard and rhythmic drum beat, and the combined perspectives of the two artists create a bubbly, down-to-earth sound that both encapsulates aspects of girlhood and manages to be almost annoyingly catchy. What’s more, Ice Spice’s iconic ad-libs give a certain unexpected charisma—the repeated “grrah” and “huh” are a fun compliment to the verses. 

Upon release, the song immediately received a surge of love from fans of both artists on social media platforms, with many people making Ice Spice their profile pictures to show their support. The immense love received by PinkPantheress and, in particular, Ice Spice is well deserved, with their charming collaboration leaving most excited for what’s to come.