An Unfortunate Loss for Girls’ Lacrosse Home Opener


Girls lacrosse team practicing.

Maya Berger, Staff Writer

The UHS Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse team lost their first league game on March 6, against Portola, with a final score of 19-16. This started off their overall record as 0-1. 

The team went into the game with an open mindset, considering that Portola had been a difficult team to defend in the past. While many players expressed their desire to win, the team knew it could have improved on certain skills which could help them in future games. 

“On defense, the team could have communicated more, especially when sliding to support the person defending the ball,” Captain Kelly Tou said. “On offense, we could have been more patient with passes and shots. By forcing these plays, we often lost the ball and expended more energy defending to try to get it back.” 

Given that this was the team’s first match of the season, many players reflected on the mistakes they made during the game.

The team’s few returning varsity players recalled the style of play for which Portola is known. This allowed for the varsity team to prepare defensively for certain attacking set plays and key players. 

“I think a lot of returning varsity players knew the challenges because they knew how the players played, but new players were unaware of these challenges,” Anna Rappas said. 

Tou recognizes the team’s hard work and persistence throughout the game. While the outcome was not the result the team wanted, players are excited for the rest of the season. With support from the Head Coach Martin Stibolt, the UHS team received feedback that will be helpful and applicable in future games.