Energy Drink Review: What’s Worth It?

Eithar Takesh, Staff Writer

In a health and exercise-driven society, people are constantly on the go and looking for ways to boost their energy levels. Energy drinks have become a popular solution for those seeking a quick pick-me-up. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In the following article, I will guide you through the world of energy drinks and share my thoughts and experiences with different brands and flavors.  For this review, I will be rating the drinks from the perspective of a beginner looking to enter the energy drink world, contrasted with my personal experience as a seasoned consumer. I will also be reviewing each brand’s most popular or “original” flavor, as well as the flavor I enjoy the most.


As a Bang Energy lover, it’s very difficult for me to write a negative review, but the cons of this drink overpower the pros severely. To start, the back of the bottle recommends that no one under eighteen should consume it. In addition to that, the taste was almost medicinal, and I felt like I was drinking a gross concoction of chemicals (which it is)! The smell is reminiscent of the grape-flavored liquid Aspirin that infants are given. The energy was nice, but I would advise against the provided dosage for beginners as it could be a severe overdose for most people with 300 mg of caffeine. Overall, if you are new to the energy drink game, I do not recommend this brand. If you are to get a Bang Energy Drink, I would recommend Blue Razz or Black Cherry Vanilla, but be prepared for a severely high intake of caffeine and a super artificial taste. 


Despite its widespread popularity, the original flavor for Monster is a truly awful drink. The smell was a combination of acid, cleaning products and gasoline. For those who have not tried apple cider vinegar, there is no need to; try a Monster. The energy you get is from the extreme intake of sugar which eventually just leads to a crash. The caffeine amount is low in comparison to the amount of sugar it contains. With it probably being one of the most unhealthy choices on this list, I do not recommend this drink. If you are to get a Monster Energy Drink, I recommend the Mango Loco flavor as it has a pleasant taste while still containing the same amount of caffeine. 


Red Bull has a unique taste. It is slightly sweet with a tangy aftertaste that some people love and others hate. Overall, I think it’s pretty good. The energy is good but has an insanely high sugar quantity similar to Monster. Overall, I think it’s a good choice for beginners looking for a quick source of energy. The flavors they make are also quite enjoyable. My favorite is either Tropical or Original. 


Ghost is fairly new to the energy drink game but has recently gained popularity among high school students as a pre-workout or study aid due to its caffeine content. Its surprisingly great taste and unique flavors set Ghost Energy Drink apart from other energy drinks. Ghost has collaborated with many popular brands such as Sour Patch Kids and Warheads, providing an amazing balance of energy and taste. I suggest the Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids flavor. 


Celsius is known for its natural fruit flavor and “health” benefits. I tried all the flavors available, and they did not disappoint. It’s an energy drink that has a fresh and crisp flavor reminiscent of fruit juices. The 200 mg of caffeine gives you a great boost in energy without having the painfully artificial taste that most energy drinks have. The company makes claims about its “weight loss” which I don’t fully believe; however, it does seem like a healthier option than many of the previously mentioned drinks. 


  1. Celsius All Flavors 10/10 (variety of fruit flavors) 
  2. Red Bull Tropical – 9/10 (pineapple sorbet flavor)
  3. Monster Mango Loco – 8/10 – (mango soda flavor)
  4. Ghost Blue Raspberry Sour Patch – 8/10 – (sour candy flavor)
  5. Red Bull Original – 7/10 – (tart and tangy flavor)
  6. Bang Black Cherry Vanilla – 6.5/10 (artificial Dr. Pepper)
  7. Bang Blue Razz – 5/10 – (artificial fruit and sweetener) 
  8. Monster Original – 3/10 – (rotten Mountain Dew)


  1. Bang (300 MG, overkill for most)
  2. Ghost (200 MG, jittery yet alert)
  3. Celsius (200 MG, clean with no jitters) RECOMMENDED
  4. Red Bull (111 MG, sugar causes a slight crash, quick pick me up)
  5. Monster (86 MG, gave me a headache and nausea, not a good experience)