Overview of Boys’ Golf Season


Lauren Kim

The UHS Boys’ Varsity Golf was unbeatable as they went on a winning streak with 11 wins and no losses. The boys’ golf team has been practicing diligently to work up their swing power and hit the golf ball to victory in every match they attend.

Kaylee Changsek, Staff Writer

As usual, the spring season showcased various thrilling sports for the student community to watch. Some of these sports include baseball, track and field and lacrosse. In addition to those sports, boys’ golf also kicked off this spring season with a successful and energetic campaign, pulling off several victories against strong teams. 

Individual victory is highly valued within the sport of golf, with each player having a different strategy that helps propel them to success.

“Personal success is shooting the best score that I could possibly shoot given the circumstances,” Captain Ayden Agahi said

In addition to the great skill set that the boy’s golf team demonstrated throughout the season, the Trojans particularly stood out from other teams in the league in other ways, too. Despite the immense pressure they endured during their matches, the athletes did not forget to have fun along the way.

“The way we enjoy and have fun playing together sets us apart from any other team,” sophomore Andre Escaip said. 

In the game of golf, it takes intense concentration and a wide range of skills to compete and successfully win a match. Now that their season is over, the team reflects on their past performances and celebrates by commemorating their best matches this year, which included a win against Portola.

“Personally I think our best match was against Portola because we all played really well and won at the end,” Escaip said. 

Boys’ golf had their final match at Costa Mesa Country Club, ending their exhilarating 2023 spring season. The team will most likely rely on their underclassmen members to carry the team next season, as seniors David Chen and Arnav Kwatra are set to graduate. Fortunately, these underclassmen have garnered a multitude of experiences from both competing in real-life matches and playing with upperclassmen during practices. The future is bright for this team.