Rating Lunch Spots on Campus

Vincent Tsai, Staff Writer

Lunchtime is almost every student’s favorite time of the school day. As soon as the bell rings for lunch, students rush out of class and storm the cafeteria lines or make a beeline to their go-to lunch spots. Since there are so many students at UHS, everyone disperses to find a place to eat. In this article, I will be rating the seven most popular lunch spots on campus and providing evaluations for each rating.

7. Senior Lot (F tier)

The Senior Lot area earns last place because there is almost no seating unless you own a car. You have the option of sitting on the grass adjacent to the lot, which tends to be wet, or on one of the two small nearby benches. When it rains, which has been the case a lot lately, you are out in the open with absolutely no cover. Not to mention the Senior Lot is the furthest from the cafeteria compared to the other six lunch spots on this list. This spot gets a 1/10.

6. Tables near the Cafeteria (F tier)

The tables closest to the cafeteria rank near the bottom because there are so few seating spots. If you prefer to sit down to eat, the tables only have so much space for friends. Don’t even get me started on the days when it starts raining cats and dogs! The metal umbrellas that cover the tables do almost nothing to shield you from the rain. Additionally, when it rains, the floor around the tables tends to flood because of how slanted it is. Who likes wet socks and shoes? This spot gets a 2/10, putting it above the senior lot only because it is closer to the cafeteria.

5. Near the Student Activities Center (SAC) (D tier)

The area around the SAC is a decent place to eat because of its proximity to the cafeteria. The office structure also provides natural protection from the rain, unless it comes at an unfortunate angle and starts spraying under the roof. One of the downsides of this spot is the seating situation. There are no tables or benches, and it is usually very crowded because the lunch line builds up in front of the spot. Overall, the spot gets a 4/10.

4. The Lockers (C tier)

Eating lunch at any of the three locker courtyards is a decent option. The courtyards are very spacious, and the building eaves can shield students from the rain in cases of unanticipated weather. However, the only downside is that there is little to no seating, so if you’re not able to secure a table, you have to sit on the ground. This spot gets a 5/10.

3. Latin Hill (B tier)

Latin Hill is one of the better spots to sit because there is a small cafeteria cart nearby. There are also, by far, the most tables and places to sit when you eat. It allows people to pick the type of seating they prefer, whether that’s sitting on the ground under the shade, on the grass, on the tables, or the benches. The only downside that Latin Hill has is its lack of protection from the natural elements because the grassy areas, tables and benches are all exposed and have no sort of cover from potential rain. Latin Hill gets a 6/10.

2. Underneath the Theater (A tier)

In my opinion, the theater is the second best spot to sit because there is plenty of protection from both rain and shine. Also, it is very close to the cafeteria, vending machines and restrooms, making it a convenient meeting point. The only downside is that you have to sit on the ground or on the steps that lead up to the theater. However, even though you have to sit on the ground, the ground there tends to be the cleanest because it isn’t open for birds to defecate everywhere. This spot gets an 8/10.

1. Outside of Kasper’s Classroom (S tier)

I may be just a little biased because this is where I sit for lunch, but I believe that the spot outside of Kasper’s classroom near the 700s is the ideal lunch spot. This spot has benches in the shade and tables in the sun. My friends and I have the luxury of choosing where to sit depending on the weather because we have asserted our territorial claims over one of the large benches and two of the lunch tables. In addition, the spot is perfectly sandwiched in between both the cafeteria and the cafeteria cart, making it easy to commute to and from. Also, since territories over lunch spots develop over the year, the spot tends to be more isolated from certain groups of friends, and the noise level is perfect. This is my group’s second year at this spot, and it is one of my favorite lunch spots I have sat at. This spot easily gets a 10/10.