Athlete of the Month: Reema Bzeih

Reema Bzeih (Sr.) [Photo by Sophie Mehrinfar]
Reema Bzeih (Sr.) plays defense for the University High School Trojans. Bzeih is a four year Varsity starter and co-captain for the girls team.
Bzeih said, “I love the creativity and competitiveness of the sport. The team really became my second family.” She was introduced to soccer by her mom when she was six years old.
She committed to the University of California, Los Angeles as a sophomore and plans to play professional soccer after graduating from college. Bzeih said,”It’s one of my dreams to play professional soccer. The U.S has had trouble keeping up a professional women’s’ soccer program, so hopefully there will be a stable league for me to compete in in the future!” Outside of soccer, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, and dancing with her friends.
Staff Writer