Kevin Lee wins second place at Intel Talent Search

After his trip to Washington D.C. along with other National Intel Talent Search finalists, University High School (UHS)’s own Kevin Lee (Sr.) won second place in the national competition.
The purpose of the National Intel Talent Search is to look for new, young talent in the field of science and mathematics. Lee, like all participants of the competition, had to submit essays and a research project that demonstrated what he believes is the future of science.
After submitting his project,  Lee was invited to Washington D.C. for the finals of the competition, where he won second place and met the President of the United States.
Lee said, “He asked me where I was from and I asked him how we were doing. Then he walked into a helicopter parked on his lawn and took off.”
When asked if the pressure of the judges ever got to him, he said “Maybe for a few moments in the first interview, but I just enjoyed myself overall. I noticed that my math and science knowledge was pretty airtight, so I have the teachers at UHS to thank for that.”
Staff Writer