Grey’s Anatomy goes down hill


Patrick Dempsey plays Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) on Grey’s Anatomy.

Patrick Dempsey plays Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) on Grey's Anatomy.
Patrick Dempsey plays Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) on Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama played on ABC every Thursday night. It is now on its tenth season, and many viewers (like me) are not happy. Now, many of you may think this article is three to five seasons overdue, but, for me (a huge fan), this is a big step.
It has become more and more obvious that writer and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, has simply run out of ideas.
Do not get me wrong – I love her. I think Rhimes is a brilliant writer and brings a unique personality to each of her characters; that is why I have stuck with this show for so long. I have laughed and cried with the characters, but I am not feeling that rollercoaster of beautiful emotions any more.
The characters are also no longer as thrilling to look at. The character Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, (also known as McDreamy) is getting pretty gray and has lost his luscious hair from the earlier seasons. My personal favorite Mark Sloan, played by Eric Dane, (known as McSteamy) died in a tragic plane accident in season eight. But for now at least we have Jackson Avery, played by Jesse Williams, (he doesn’t have a nickname, but oh lord, his eyes and body deserve one). Rhimes, please do not let him die any time soon.
My favorite characters have either drowned and come back to life, gotten hit by a bus and died, diagnosed with cancer and ran away, had a gun pointed to their head while performing surgery on their best friend’s husband or died in a tragic plane accident while holding her supposed-to-be boyfriend’s hand.
Raya Dodin (Sr.) said, “I miss the good old days with Katherine Hiegel. I miss when the hospital was called Seattle Grace instead of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and when Richard Webber was the true Chief.”
And it was just announced Sandra Oh, who plays Christina Yang, will be leaving Grey’s after this season. There goes my favorite surgeon. Maybe she will die as some unexpected tornado hits Seattle, where the show is set; a natural disaster is the only thing Rhimes is missing.
Rona Ahdout (Jr.) said, “This last season has been pretty disappointing and having Oh leave is probably going to hurt the show even more.”
I have seen almost all the main characters fall in love or sleep with at least two of his or her coworkers. I have sat through the episodes with lions, a crazy cat person and a pencil in patient’s eye. And who can forget the musical episode? Believe me, it is very awkward to hear actor Kevin McKidd sing.
But I have watched them all; I cannot get myself to turn the television off or cancel my recordings. It has become routine for me every Thursday night at nine o’clock to watch Grey’s Anatomy.
I will not stop watching the show; these characters are people I have fallen in love with. I have followed their stories since day one. I cannot afford to step away from all that invested time! But if you decide to stop watching the show, I will not scold you. I understand.
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