Walk the Talk Week: Making Postive Choices

This week, University High School (UHS) is holding its first ever “Walk the Talk” Week. This event is designed to promote positive values, celebrating those who practice these values and promote the four pillars of Trojan values.
Romit Gupta (Sr.), the Associated Student Body (ASB) Treasurer who planned the week, said, “This was an effort that was born out of a collabortation between myself, Robin Robbie, a former student, and our ASB advisors to promote positive choices. It is about celebrating the pillars and recognizing those around campus who embody them. It was great to involve the American Cancer Society Youth (ACSY) lunchfest and Deaf Awareness Day, because the ACSY and DHH [Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing] club members are shining examples of students who ‘Walk the Talk’ on campus.”
The “Shave a Head” event, held by ACSY on Tuesday, April 8 to raise funds to help those fighting cancer. Volunteers had their own heads shaved by professional stylists at Salon One.
Mr. Michael Granger (English Dept.), Mr. Tim Smay (Science Dept.) and Mr. Joseph Huber (Science Dept.) raised a total of $1100 and agreed to shave their heads. Ms. Sachiko Galassetti (Science Dept.), Ms. Shannon Bunch (Science Dept.), Ms. Susanne Fitzpatrick (English Dept.), Mr. David Knight (Science Dept.) and Ms. Katie Addiss (English Dept.) raised over $300 and wore bald caps for the day.
“In one period I asked how many students had been touched by cancer–80% of the class raised their hands,” said Knight.
On Wednesday, April 9 during Office Hours, there was a Positive Choices video showcase in the big gym. Various clubs and the class councils made videos showing their club members and classmates in action. Their prompt was “Say It, Believe It, Live It” and they worked tirelessly to display examples of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Compassion. Over 200 students were present for the showing.
This day was also DHH Awareness Day, which highlighted how the people in the DHH department work hard to embody the Trojan values. DHH clubs were trying to raise money for their causes, selling root beer floats, baked goods and more. Tacos and Co. was also selling taco plates to support the lunchfest.
Gupta said, “It is inspiring to hear people that these students can engage in such a plethora of activities, despite their impairment.”
During DHH Awareness Day, the DHH community at UHS showcases all of the clubs, the basketball team, the pep squad, the deaf academic bowl and other organizations that the DHH students participate in.
“Every deaf student in Orange County comes to this program, so this is an opportunity to show all the students at University High School that the deaf students are more like them than unlike them. It gives students at UHS an opportunity to experience what the culture of deaf students is like,” said Mr. Jon Levy (DHH Principal).
Ms. Jeanne Jelnick (English Dept.), the Co-Activities Director, said, “‘Walk the Talk’ Week is an opportunity for students at UHS to celebrate their achievements involving choices they make that contribute to the community and in making the world a better place. It’s a week in which we all need to remind ourselves of the importance of doing what we know must be done, acting in a way that we know we should be acting and making choices that when we are old and look back on our lives, we say ‘I’m so glad I made that choice.’”
Staff Writer