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  • E

    EJun 17, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    I do not see any social benefits of having affirmative action. Asian Americans are not “over represented” in Ivy Leagues; we get there because we WORK HARD!!!!
    Would you deny me (and my friends and classmates) a chance to go to a good school? Would you want me to be discriminated against me race? Would you want my 4.5 GPA to not be “good” enough, just because of my skin color?
    Do you think it’s fair for put a player over 70 years old on every NBA sports team for “diversity”? Or put someone an obese person on every elite track team or Olympic marathon team? Or someone who can’t swim on my school’s varsity swimming team? All for the sake of so-called “diversity” and “social benefit?”
    I am not a hater of diversity. I have close friends of every race and religion there is. I am simply asking for a fair chance for all. Because SCA5 is clearly not fair.
    Just one more question. How would you feel if you earned a million dollars (a million!), but had all but $1 confiscated because of the color of your skin? If that scenario isn’t outrageous enough, what if it was taken away because you wear glasses? Or because you like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate? All for the sake of “diversity” because (to quote Mr. Hernandez, the creator of this bill) “our state has been suffering” when we didn’t discriminate against, let’s say, dark chocolate lovers.
    How has our state been suffering?
    Discriminating against Asians and women is just as crazy as discriminating against glasses wearers and dark chocolate lovers. I hope you consider what I have said before you make your vote.

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