Comedy Sportz’s First Success

Comedy Sportz held a free team scrimmage on Friday, September 13 in order to promote their team.

Although the blue team had an obvious lead before the intermission, Captain Tarek Khelif (Sr.)‘s red team ultimately won against Captain Carter Chamberlin (Sr.)‘s blue team 29 to 26.

The score became uneven as the blue team won two rounds with the games “Four Square,” where players stood in a square and rotated while rapidly switching roles, and “Battle Scene Galactica,” where the each team performed a scene about the Spanish holiday “Día de los Muertos” without knowledge of the other team’s scene.

“Four Square has always been a favorite game of mine,” said Stephen Manga (Sr.), a player on the red team in the second half of the match. “The quickly-switching scenes and the necessity to sometimes completely switch gears to a different scene really keeps everybody on their toes.” The red team quickly overtook the blue team after the teams changed players at halftime, winning three games in a row.

Other memorable moments included Manga speaking with hand gestures and yelping as a foreign poet and Varun Sreekumar (Sr.) earning a “groaner foul” by saying, “I’m looking forward,” in a scene prompted by the word “optometrist.” The audience did not accept Sreekumar’s apology, causing the blue team to lose a point.

“People who have never come to Comedy Sportz now know what do on one out of every four Fridays,” said team member Noah Obstfeld (So.), who did not play in this match, but was present in the audience. “[At Comedy Sportz] you can release your inner self and humor at school without a teacher yelling at you.” Manga agreed, “It is awesome that we can make people laugh and brighten their moods.”

The match closed in the typical manner, with the players and referee David Neale interacting in slow motion onstage as each person was called off by “Mr. Voice,” the announcer, and Aki Barber (Sr.) for the second half.

“It was a great match,” said Khelif. “Comedy Sportz is living up to its fans’ expectations once again as UHS’s resident improv group.”

Written by EMMA REMY

Staff Writer