Nimble Quest: A Classic Concept Revamped and Repackaged

Although it is reminiscent to the all-time favorite classic “Snake,” “Nimble Quest” takes quite a leap from its retro counterpart. As many gamers recall, “Snake” is a game where the player must steer an 8-bit snake or worm through an arena, eating “food,” “growing” and avoiding collisions with the surrounding walls. Far from just a simple skin change, “Nimble Quest” incorporates added elements of enemies, power ups, vividly colored pixel characters with wide variance in themes and brushed up, colorful environments all in a $0.99 app from the Apple store.
At the start of the game, the player is prompted to select a “Leader” (the character they play as) from a wide selection of “heroes,” many of which can only be unlocked in later levels. Each hero has his or her own skills, including higher health points or different damage and attack styles. “Blaze,” for instance, fires long ranged fire missiles but lacks in health points while “Uther” has significantly high health but only a unidirectional lance jab.
The object of the game is to navigate a line of ever growing “heroes” through the square shaped arenas while avoiding collisions with the surrounding walls and enemies. You must also keep your “leader” alive or the game ends. Simple right? Not quite – the enemies bite back! These enemies, ranging from spiders, skeletons, witches, wizards, knights and lancers, attack with their own varying combat styles. Sometimes enemies leave behind heroes after they kill them. Picking them up adds to your line of heroes.
As the levels progress, enemies swarm the arena, some with cleverer attacks and regenerating health. The game subsequently increases in difficulty as you maneuver your band of heroes through the fray. In order to pass the level, you are required to defeat a certain number of enemies. Each kill raises the yellow bar at the top of the screen to completion, and the level ends with a hefty reward of flowing gems. These gems can be used for upgrading your heroes’ strengths in the menu.
While you will end up dying no farther than the 3rd level the first thousand times you play, you will learn to arm your heroes by toughening them up with your hard earned gems. In a flash, you will be up and ready to tackle the world of “Nimble Quest” again.
Staff Writer