“Broken and Beautiful” – An inspirational showcasing of emotions


Rewrite Beautiful (a club that raises awareness for body image) recently placed framed mirrors with captions that describe why girls are emotionally broken but beautiful nonetheless, on the office gate. For more pictures, click here.
Beauty is not just about the way we look, it also encompasses our internal qualities. Rewrite Beautiful, a club at University High School (UHS) that raises awareness about positive self-image, had a Street Art Event on September 24 where people came and wrote a poem about overcoming insecurities on a framed mirror. Each mirror shows how each person is “broken” and how that “broken” part of them does not mean that he or she is not beautiful.
There are 29 mirrors hung on the front office that represent the diversity of beauty. The messages on each mirror start with the line “I am broken and beautiful” and explain why the person who made the frame is both broken and beautiful. The frames are painted and decorated with feathers, buttons, stickers, and magazine clippings. Romi Sadlik (Sr.), the president of Rewrite Beautiful, says that the purpose for this project is to “raise awareness for eating disorders” and teach students “about overcoming insecurities”.
The mirrors symbolize the idea that everyone is beautiful, regardless of their physical appearance. Sadlik says, “We used mirrors because of the idea that when you look into a mirror, you should try to see beauty in something other than your physical appearance.”
The inscriptions upon the mirrors inspire onlookers and elucidate the idea that one can be beautiful without having a perfect life or looking physically attractive. Furthermore, they show how “each artist is working to overcome their insecurities (what makes them broken) while recognizing their internal qualities that make them beautiful.
Sadlik explains that the goal of this club is to “work toward changing the way we see beauty: from focusing on physical appearances to internal qualities” said Sadlik.
The mirrors will be up until Friday, October 4. If you would like to learn more about Rewrite Beautiful, the club’s interest meeting will take place on Thursday, October 10 in Room 926 (Ms. Campbell).
Staff Writer