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The Monster in My Closet: a short story

By LAWRENCE XU Staff Writer Another school year passed, Charlotte is preparing to move to her dream college. It’s been a long way for her, all the preparation and struggles just for this day. During the process of packing and clearing her room, she came across some random drawings from 5 years old Charlotte. Great...


Five Years: a short story

By ALLISON VAUGHT Staff Writer           You make my world brighter, make my days better, my heart fuller, my laugh louder, and my smile bigger no matter the day, the place, or the time.  You are part of my day and night. Your friendship brings joy, happiness, and a good feeling....


Eulogy: a poem

By RACHELL PAK Staff Writer After six whole years, My heart is still asunder, At times of sunshine, I can only hear the thunder. And I know you loved me, But I left it to wither, That summer came too fast, If only it was this winter. One more look and one more chance, Are...