Five Years: a short story

Staff Writer
          You make my world brighter, make my days better, my heart fuller, my laugh louder, and my smile bigger no matter the day, the place, or the time.  You are part of my day and night. Your friendship brings joy, happiness, and a good feeling. When there are dark clouds you are always there to bring the sunlight and the laughter back into my life. From the happy memories to the hard times, our antics together have made us stronger.   When life becomes hard, you are always there.  I know I can always turn to you and know that you will say the right thing and guide me to the right place. My life wouldn’t be the same without you I can’t imagine having any other best friend. I can’t put into words the light you bring into my life.   Your friendship is like the sunlight; it makes me feel warm and loved even when a dark cloud is there. I love the days that we spend laughing and making bad jokes, we have way too much fun! We are carefree and drink too much coffee and eat too much food. No matter the time you always seem to be there when I need you most. I love you and thanks for being my best friend!
          We met back in middle school.  Never one of the “cool” kids, we round each other nonetheless.  We finished eighth grade then started high school together.  I remember how nervous we were about starting high school!  High school meant new people, more friends, crazy adventures, more comedy, and actually resolving any drama. Tenth grade was hard.  Eleventh grade meant a lot of work.  Senior year has brought out the very best in you.  Your energy, joy, and enthusiasm for life that you had when you were young has stayed with you and made you an amazing woman.  
          Now look at us; we are seniors getting ready to graduate.  Our conversations have become more serious.  We both appreciate our shared past while we make plans for the future.  My family jokes that you live at our house and I always feel at home in yours.  There are only a few people that I want to be friends with forever.  Your name is on that list.  I can’t wait to travel together, see the world, and share more life experiences.  You are someone I completely trust.  I can barely imagine turning thirty together, but I want to do that, then share the years we turn forty, then fifty, and then have a huge party to celebrate our friendship.  I am thinking a themed “year 2000” celebration.  We can decide on that later, in another twenty years.  Because that is how long I want to be your friend.  You mean the world to me and I want the world to know that!