Cox transitioning to all digital


Staff Writer
Recently, classes have not been able to watch live television in their classrooms due to Cox, UHS’s cable television service provider, changing their television requirements.
Cox has gone “all digital” and now requires everyone who uses Cox’s cable service to order a mini box that must be placed on every television system. According to Cox via their website, “going all digital is about the TV experience: better picture and sound.”
University High School was not informed about Cox’s transition to digital service and, therefore, lost its cable TV service. Mr. Dominic Fratantaro (Librarian) said, “We were not aware of Cox making this transition until last week when Mr. Kessler tried to watch CNN.
Teachers such as Mr. Martin Chinn (English Dept.) and Mr. John Kessler (Social Science Dept.), who leave the TV on in class when they are not teaching, have had issues with this transition. “COX has definitely impacted my American Experience class since breaking news is such an important part of the class,” said Kessler.
We want to support our staff and supply them with the items they need,” said Ms. Amy Paulsen (Asst. Principal.). “We are working with the district who communicates with these companies to provide the service requested.”
Cox’s mini boxes are free, and they come with an installation guide as well.
The Irvine Unified School District, which holds the most authority in this issue, has given no information on when the mini boxes will arrive or when they will be installed.