UHS MUN wins Best Club Delegation at Berkeley MUN


UHS MUN with its awards. (Megha Torpunuri)

Copy Editor
UHS MUN won the Best Club Delegation award at the Berkeley MUN (BMUN) conference this year, the third consecutive win for the UHS club.
11 individuals won awards at BMUN, 9 of which were commendation awards and 2 of which were outstanding awards. Commendation awards were given to Nima Mozhgani (Sr.), Megha Torpunuri (Sr.), Kevin Ho (Sr.), Lucas Wang (Sr.), Emaan Hariri (Sr.), Jihee Yoon (So.), Tejas Dhindsa (So.) and Cathy Sun (So.). Outstanding awards were given to Alex Tang (Jr.) and Laura Yang (Jr.).
Most MUN conferences calculate the amount of awards delegates earn and divide that number by the number of delegates. Delegations with the highest ratio get awarded Best Club, Best Class or Best Large Delegation. The awards indicate that a delegation performed the best compared to the other delegations in its category.
UHS’s awards ratio at BMUN in the past two years was between 60% to 80%, but this year that ratio was only about 50%.
This decline in performance may be due to the large committee sizes at BMUN, which sometimes prevent delegates from receiving enough attention. There is about a 1:40 ratio of chairs, who act as committee directors and judges, to delegates, usually with 4 chairs and 160 delegates per general assembly committee. This makes it more difficult for delegates to distinguish themselves.
Despite the narrow win, Director General Mozhgani said, “I think as a club we all worked really hard in terms of preparation. Some of us were practicing speeches and researching on the plane ride to Berkeley. And as a senior, it was extremely humbling to see the underclassmen working so hard and having so much passion for MUN.”