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    Deborah DignanMar 26, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    We are Zachary’s paternal grandparents. Our son, Casey Dignan is Zach’s real father. Casey and his wife, Colleen (now Voronel) lived with us while Casey was completing his Master’s degree at Cal State Fullerton. Casey has been an elementary school teacher for twelve years. Prior to getting his teaching credential, Casey was a Senior Social Worker in Children’s Services for the County of Orange. After Zach was born, we cared for him every Sunday for several years, after Casey and Colleen divorced in 1999. She developed a hearing loss at some time which necessitated teaching sign language to Zach. She eventually married her current husband, who has severe hearing and speech impairments. Zachary developed speaking normally when he was a toddler.
    We are very proud of Zachary’s achievements, both in running, school, and assisting other hearing impaired students at University High. He is a hardworking and delightful young man, and we love him very much!
    Deborah and Jack Dignan

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