A Step out of the Darkness: a poem

A Step out of the Darkness: a poem

Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Although we each take a different path,
life forces us to face its wrath.
But when does our journey begin?
The moment we set foot into the world,
or the day we commit our first sin?

The answer to such a question holds no worth,
for time is irrelevant to our poison’s birth.

Different is each path,
for it is unique to each man.
Ranging from roads of cold polished metal
to soft, green grass bounded by flower petals.

The road I stood upon
was made of broken stone,
cursed to never see the light of dawn
for upon it only moonlight shone.

So upon my chosen path I walked
not knowing that it was a trap, wherein I was locked.

Beyond me lay only darkness, the vast unknown.
Yet I was drawn, drawn to wander alone.
I so desperately yearned to reach the end,
the dangers of such curiosity, I could not comprehend.

Over me, why did this force have such a hold?
I watched my once warm heart turning cold.
The flame of life that once shone so bright
slowly dimmed as I ventured through the night.

But was it life that did this to me?
No, I chose this path,
so I had to pay the fee.

I now understand that a risk lies in every choice.
But even so, I refuse to neglect my inner voice.
As my final tear slowly dries,
I shall reignite the spark inside my eyes.

Staff Writer