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    thesixfootbonsaiMay 9, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    I agree with what you are saying (I think). I have an unusual perspective so let me see if I have this right. We should not focus on Kim Jong-un as an Asian man but as a leader who is misleading his people– taking them down a bad path. We should speak of him like Hitler or Stalin (or maybe Trump. . .) But there is something too about future that makes the man . . .every person. It is an old book but Ruth Benedict wrote about the Japanese culture in the 40’s and having been involved with multiple Japanese men I can see that what she wrote about the national character is for the most part true. There are tendencies that drive certain behaviors both in the leaders and followers. Thus Japan did foolish things under Hirohito. So overall using a stereotype as a source of comedy for the purpose of eliciting a negative reaction to the North Korean leader seems childish of us, but the stereotype is somewhat true and should be examined anthropologically.

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The American media’s criticisms of Kim Jong-un relies on harmful Orientalist stereotypes