Freshmen Class Council Election Results

News Editor
University High School Associated Student Body (UHS ASB) held elections for Freshmen Student Council on September 9th. Forty-six candidates ran for Freshmen Student Council positions, five of which ran for the position of Freshmen Class President.
Out of a field of five candidates, Clare Jun (Fr.) was elected as Freshmen Class President. Thirty candidates were elected to serve as Student Council Members for the Class of 2020. The names of those elected are:
Freshmen Class President:
Clare Jun (Fr.)
Freshmen Student Council:
Tamar Aizik (Fr.)Joy Chen (Fr.)Kaili Chen (Fr.)Lucy Chen (Fr.) Serena Choi (Fr.)David Lee (Fr.)Jackie Diaz (Fr.)Dylan Du (Fr.)Winston Fan (Fr.)Ati Gali (Fr.)Amir Ghaem-Maghami (Fr.)Sedong Hwang (Fr.)Austin Kaufman (Fr.)Esther Kim (Fr.)Amy Koo (Fr.)Kasra Lekan (Fr.)Anthony Liang (Fr.)Faraz Markazi (Fr.)Naila Mazhar (Fr.)Ashley Nunamaker (Fr.)Megan Ortiz (Fr.)Rajit Singh (Fr.)Iman Syed (Fr.)Carolyn Wang (Fr.)Kate Weiland (Fr.)Nina Zand (Fr.)Jaeho Lee (Fr.)Skylar Mogari (Fr.)Ryan Redjaian (Fr.)and Hannah Woo (Fr.).
“The [Freshmen Election] Assembly was fun and it was energetic,” Ethan Doan (Fr.) said. “The voting process was super easy, I just clicked the people I wanted to vote for.”
For the first time, voting for all candidates was done entirely online. In the past, voters used paper ballots that would have taken a significantly longer time to both fill out and tally.
“It was really cool since we were trying this new online voting system, and we were scared it wouldn’t quite work out,” ASB Vice-President Dillon Sun (Sr.) said. “But, it ended up going really well.”
The use of online voting also increases the accuracy of election results. In the past, ballots were tallied by scantron machines, which could be prone to error. However, the new voting system, provided by the same 5-Star Students system used for the newly launched Trojan Points program, is known for its pinpoint voter accuracy.
As a result of this innovation, the results of the election were announced on the night of the election, as opposed to a week later as in years prior.