Girls Volleyball loses against San Juan Hills, but gains motivation for league

Staff Writer
The Girls  Volleyball team suffered another loss 0-3 against San Juan Hills on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016.  Even though the team lost, the match allowed them to further develop their skills in preparation for league.
Even though it was a clean sweep by San Juan Hills, the Trojans did not back down from the challenge. They lost 12-25 in the first match, but continued to improve on their mistakes in the final two sets .
“Our game was tough, but we fought hard,” Isabella Oldham (Sr.) said,  “The first match we struggled passing which was self-destructive but the second match with a few changes we put up a fight.” The score went back and forth but eventually San Juan Hills took the upper hand and claimed the 2nd set.
On the third set, they were  not discouraged by the previous game.  Following the, they gained from set 2 and were able to put up another fight. The set ended  with a 22-25 loss for the Trojans.
“We played really well as a team and there were moments where everything connected,”  Gelina Rae Linsangan (Soph.) said “This game felt good even though we lost. After the game it got me more hyped that I was ready for league to start”. Even though their season is off to a slow start, Gelina has high hopes for the team. She believes that every loss will allow the team to learn from their mistakes and improve as the season wears on.