Hello, Ms. Huson!

Hello, Mrs. Huson! (Amanda Tran)

Staff Writer
When UHS’s new A.P. U.S. History teacher, Ms. Jane Huson (Social Science Dept.), was a student at Long Beach Poly High School, she never thought she would have a career in education. Instead, she was an avid tennis player and a theater fanatic.
Though most UHS students know Mrs. Huson only as a history enthusiast, few people know that she was an extra on the TV show “The Middle” during high school. She also went to school with Snoop Dogg’s son and saw him get auctioned off as a date for a Homecoming dance. “They [the school]…auctioned off students to go to homecoming dances as dates. They auctioned off Snoop Dogg’s son, but no one knew it was Snoop Dogg’s son because they had different last names, and so someone ended up buying him for only $10.”
During the summer of 2013, she developed an interest in teaching while interning for Senator Feinstein in Washington D.C. After giving tours of the Capitol during her internship, she discovered an underlying passion for spreading knowledge about the nation’s history, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in education.
She graduated at the top of her class at UCSB and received the Cynthia and Frederick Brinkman fellowship, an award given to future teachers that show academic promise. After receiving a Master’s Degree in education, she taught American studies in Italy, then APUSH at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara.
“History is always changing, and it’s always new based on whatever perspective you’re looking at [it from], and also based on what evidence you choose to examine. I love that people can just have completely different opinions on something, and they can be looking at the same thing.”
In addition to teaching, Ms. Huson enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, listening to rap and hip hop, reading murder mysteries and eating Italian food. Her guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.
Her life philosophy is that “if you’re not making some kind of difference in life, you’re doing something wrong.” She believes that people should pursue their passions while spreading kindness.