Give Way to Ms. Manalaysay

Ms. Ruby-Ann Manalaysay (Science Dept.), a new hire at UHS, teaches Biology and Marine Science. She is also one of two Freshmen Class Council Faculty Advisors. (Amanda Tran)
Meet Ms. Manalaysay! (Amanda Tran)

Staff Writer
It’s a beautiful day in Yosemite National Park as you stroll among the tall fir trees in the crisp, pine scented air. You’re wearing a leotard and tutu, with a stuffed octopus in one hand and lesson plans in the other. As you hike towards your mountain climbing site, passersby stare at you and your odd conglomerate clothing. But they don’t realize that you’re just trying to understand Uni’s newest science teacher, Ms. Rose-Ann Manalaysay (Science Dept.).
Originally from Chino Hills, Ms. Manalaysay once aspired to be a physical therapist for dancers, as she was a ballerina herself. However, after shadowing real physical therapists, she discovered her passion for teaching. In her college years, she worked as an educator at an aquarium in Santa Monica, where she taught marine science to students from elementary to college. She soon decided that she much preferred to teach high school students because “three year olds are cute, kindergarteners are cute but everyday — not so much.”
Now, Ms. Manalaysay teaches Marine Science and Biology at UHS. Although Ms. Manalaysay is new, she already feels welcomed and accepted into the UHS community “I can’t express how happy I am to be at this school and teaching all these students. I think my favorite part about Uni is definitely the people. You really get to love the students and staff here.”
And finally, as a successful woman in the STEM field, Ms. Manalaysay offers a valuable piece of advice to young female students: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re incapable of doing anything. The fact that there are less women in the field should empower and motivate you.”