Girls Volleyball Defeated by El Toro

Staff Writer
Girls Volleyball lost 3-0 to El Toro on Thursday, September 15, bringing the overall score to 1-7.
“It’s a great game, evenly matched, and Uni is fighting to the finish. We have some outstanding defensive players” spectator Sr. Meunier (Foreign Language Dept.) said after the first set, which had a close a score of 23-25. The second set ended with a score of 15-25 and the third with 17-25.
The team fought hard for every point, and went for the ball even if there was a bad pass. “We did good at covering and communicating with each other and really going after the ball” Kira Cashman (Sr.) said.
The official start of the volleyball season is Thursday September 22nd, and the team hopes to come first in the Pacific Coast League and go to CIF. “We feel prepared for the season. We all want to do really well and I hope that shows.” co-captain Bella Oldham (Sr.) said.
“They are for sure one of the top 3 teams of our league” Assistant Coach Peter Le said.
“I think they have the potential of being a really great team. We just need to figure out how to reach that potential.” Assistant Coach Jamie Goto said.