Girls Volleyball defeated by Woodbridge in Game of the Week

Gelina Linsangan (Jr.) jumps high as she passes to a teammate.  (V. Yu)

Staff Writer
Girls Volleyball competed in their Game Of the Week against Woodbridge on Tuesday, September 26th, however UHS lost by a large margin of 1-4 overall.  
UHS lost the first two games against Woodbridge, won the third, and lost the fourth. Typically, Varsity matches have five sets, or rounds, each. Since each match is played best out of five sets, this gave the Warriors an automatic win.
As the first game began,  UHS started at a disadvantage with 1 point, and Woodbridge with 4.
While the Warriors accumulated more points, UHS’ Leylee Sahrai (Sr.) and Audrey Collins (Jr.) continuously tried to double block one of Woodbridge’s star spiker, succeeding almost every attempt.  
UHS hit the ball against the net, and as a result took a timeout, resulting in a score of 6-10.
Setter Gelina Linsangan (Jr.) explained how during the break they saw, “observations about the other team to form a strategy against them.”
After the timeout, UHS improved as Kira Cashman (Sr.) spiked the ball over the net, leaving the Trojans at 12-14 for that set.
Nonetheless, UHS fell back once again, leaving the Warriors with a 20-25 win for the first set, another win of 17-25 during the second set.
Things took a turn during the third match, with UHS more motivated than ever. The game started off like the previous two, with the Trojans behind a couple points. The game came to a close finish with a score of 27-25.
The crowd gained hope, however UHS was quickly defeated by the Warriors in the fourth game, ending 14-25.
Nicole Mori (Jr.), an audience member, suggested that the team should “try not letting the stress of winning get to them” and to focus on their plays.
Despite the defeat, Linsangan was proud that “even though [UHS] was losing, [they] played consistently at a good level.”
“I want [everyone] to know that this season, [my teammates and I] leave everything we have on the court” Linsangan said. “We all know what we’re capable of, and we’ve worked too hard to stop now.”