Girls Tennis fights on to defeat Northwood


Co-Captain Sasha Iraniha (Jr.) and partner Kamar Alajeely (So.) shake hands with their Northwood opponents after a match. (I.Panis)

Staff Writer 
The Girls Varsity Tennis Team won their second league match against Northwood 11-7 on Tuesday, September 27. The Trojans, who are currently ranked 5th in the Division 1 CIF rankings, defeated the 9th ranked Northwood.
Northwood presented a tough challenge for the Trojans, beating UHS in 5 sets out of 9 in singles. However, UHS came back strong with Halla Alajeely (Sr.) and Dana Feng (So.) winning two sets in the last round when it was crucial to gain a last set in order to secure the win.
Doubles fared better than their singles counterparts, winning 7 sets of 9 and carrying the Trojans to their second league victory. Kamar Alajeely (So.) and Sasha Iraniha (Jr.), played together for the first time and swept, winning all three of their sets.
“I usually play singles and I was scared to play doubles, especially because my net game isn’t that strong,” Alajeely said. “However with a strong partner like Sasha, I was feeling confident and we played our best.”
Despite the blistering heat, both teams were tense and eager to play.
“[The heat’s] not too bad because we know we will get through it together and we know that we all have to work together as a team to beat Northwood,” Ashlyn Wang (Sr.) said.
At the end of the second round, the teams were tied 6-6.
“They’re playing well.” Coach Kevin Garrett (Athletic Dept.) said, “Again it’s hot for both and you can see it’s having an effect on both teams equally.”
Doubles won all three matches of the third round and the score was 9-6. The Trojans needed to win a final set in singles in order to secure the win. Supported by the whole team, both Alajeely and Feng won their matches, and the Trojans clinched the victory.
The Trojans play Irvine next at home on Tuesday, October 4.