Boys Water Polo defeated by Northwood

Staff Writer
The Boys  Water Polo team lost 11-16 against Northwood on Tuesday, October 4, bringing the season score to 1-1.
Co-captain Ben Gomez (Sr.) scored from the center of the pool in the last moments of the 3rd quarter. “That was very impressive. There was only like 0.1 seconds left,” Ashley Yang (Jr.), spectator and Girls Water Polo player, said.
However, technical difficulties with the scoreboard left questions about whether or not the goal counted. “The time on the board said it should’ve counted, but there was a delay between that and the time on the scorekeepers’ clock.” Gomez said.
“The buzzer doesn’t always ring when the quarter ends, though. The scorekeepers could have a different time from the scoreboard and the buzzer,” an anonymous player said. The goal does not appear to have been included in the final score of 11-16.
The first quarter ended with a score of 4-6, but the two teams were tied by the end of the second quarter. “They had a good first half. They stayed focused, stuck to their positions and stuck to the game plan,” Coach Bahram Hojreh (Athletics Dept.) said.
However as the last two quarters began, UHS’ performance began to wane. “Fatigue hit us and guys began making bad passes and bad reads,” Coach Hojreh said.
Despite this setback, UHS looks ahead to future league games and CIF.