Little Thing: a reflection


Staff Writer
I was watching TV after I finished washing the dishes. My dad came out of his room and cleared his throat as he walked toward the sofa that my mom and I were sitting on.
“Hey… I just found the very first white hair on my head and ripped it off.”
His wife scoffed, “Not a big deal! I ask my hairdresser to rip out my white hairs every time I go to the barbershop.”
He laughed and turned to me. “See this? Your dad is getting old!”
I leaned forward as my dad held his fist out in front of me. I had to cross my eyes to see a strand of white hair standing straight between his fingertips. I nodded in response and sat back contentedly.
“I am going to keep it for memory,” my dad proudly announced. And as he said so, he opened a drawer and found a small resealable bag. Carefully putting  his hair in the bag, he walked back to his room.
Since that moment, my dad’s first strand of white hair has forever rested next to our family pictures on his table.