NBC fall shows

In your spare time or while you are trying to do homework with the TV on, make sure to watch some of the new and returning TV series this fall. Whether you are a fan of comedy, drama or mystery shows, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has it all.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula
Photo by: MCT

A new drama series will be premiering this October called Dracula. This show stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and–yes you guessed it–it is about the well-known vampire, Dracula. Since vampires seem to be the new fad, I am sure fans of Vampire Diaries, Twilight or True Blood will find Dracula to be their new favorite show. Dracula is about a vampire that finds a woman in London, who looks exactly like his wife from when he was a human, and he is infatuated by her presence. The season premiere is on Friday, October 25th at 10/9c.
Other new series that will be coming soon include Crisis and Growing Up Fisher. The new drama series, Crisis, is about the President’s son and other powerful political leaders’ children being held ransom on the way to a school field trip. The mastermind behind the ransom is trying to see what their parents are willing to do in order to ensure their children’s safety. On the other hand, Growing Up Fisher, starring Mel Fisher, is a comedy series about a family growing closer together after the separation of their parents.  The Fisher family consists of their teenage daughter and son who are trying to fit into society with the help of their liberal mother and obsessive father. Both of these new series have not set dates for their season premieres, but they will be coming soon.
Personally, I like watching shows that make me laugh–for example Saturday Night Live (SNL) and The Office. Even though The Office has already ended on NBC, I still enjoy watching reruns on TBS weeknights at midnight. The show is a hilarious parody of the American office life that provides me with half an hour of laughter.  Unlike The Office, SNL still airs. You can watch SNL on Saturday at 11:30pm on NBC. This show is composed of multiple comedy sketches, usually including a celebrity guest star and musical performances. Both shows offer unique styles of comedy and never fail to make me laugh.
Don’t forget to watch the returning seasons of the shows you already love.  If you want to solve a mystery, then,on Wednesday at 9/8c, watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Or, for a good laugh, make sure to tune in on Thursdays at 8/7c to watch Parks and Recreation. If you find singing competitions entertaining, make sure to keep up with The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c and decide if you are Team Blake, Christina, Adam or CeeLo.  Be sure to turn to NBC channel 4 this fall for fun, excitement and suspense.
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