The True MVP of Sports

Staff Writer 
Whether it’s a torn ACL, broken bone, or just a sprain, head athletic trainer Alyssa Alpert is there to help. She is a big asset to the UHS Athletics program and a strong backbone for all Trojan sports on the sidelines. Alpert attends to  all sports, varying from individual sports such as tennis and golf to big team sports like football and baseball.
Everyday, Alpert can be found in the trainer’s room from 2:30 PM to the end of the last scheduled practice, proving her dedication to ensuring the safety of the athletes. The students around school have already taken a liking to Alpert, one student being wide receiver Farbod Memarian (Jr.) of the Varsity Football Team.
“Alyssa is a huge part in our games and is always there when someone goes down or cramps up.” Memarian said.
Coaches have also grown fond of her such as  Coach Kevin McCaffrey (Athletic Dept.). McCaffrey, as the head of baseball and an athletic director, is constantly in contact with Alpert through injury reports and checkups on how things are running.
“She is an amazing trainer and has brought a great energy to UNI athletics,” McCaffrey said.
When she is not taping kids up before big games, Alpert is training and competing in CrossFit games.
After graduating from Chapman University, Alpert moved to the East Coast to pursue a passion in sports medicine. While in New York, she attended Long Island University Post, where she majored in athletic training.
In college, she was a part of the North American Soccer Championship Team,as well as named the first female head athletic trainer for them..
After a couple years, Alpert felt it was time for a change and moved back to California.
“I was looking to be a high school trainer where I would have the chance to interact with kids and teach them about sports medicine,” she said.
Typically when people think of sports, the first things they think of are the track stars or the football coaches. However, here at UHS, a key asset to the Trojan Army is the one behind the scenes–Alyssa Alpert.