Waiting in the Wings: a poem


As I sit here waiting,
My fate and character hanging
In the balance of life and death,
I step back and take a deep breath.
Everything will end as quickly as it started.
Audition to strike night, so swiftly departed!
And that briefest moment of lime-lit glory
makes worthwhile all the “thank yous” and “sorries”.
The sets will be gone in an instant.
The time spent with company constant
Will cease and desist in a flash
And life will seem more brash.
But those few hours of fiction
Turns reality with the actor’s gumption,
The crew member’s diligence,
The playwright’s brilliance.
For though we may lead life alone,
Within those walls, no need to atone.
There is no show without everyone’s efforts.
And together, into the unknown, we set forth.