Boys Soccer triumphs over San Juan Hills

Sports Editor
Varsity Boys Soccer won 4-0 against San Juan Hills on Tuesday, December 13. This win makes their current preseason record 5-0.
In the beginning of the first half, the Trojans were lacking in defense. As the game progressed the team was able to improve their defensive play and block all goals from the Stallions.
By the end of first half, UHS was ahead with three points and San Juan Hills with none.
Sophomore Pedro Palmaka scored two goals, which helped put the team in the lead.
Compared to last season, the team feels they have made many improvements. “[We are] more united and there’s more chemistry amongst the team members this year,” said Shadman Shaker (Jr.).
While this was only a preseason game, the team was still able learn from and improve their plays. “This game definitely prepared us mentally and technically for season,” said Jimmy Choi (Jr.).
The boys will play against Crean Lutheran in their next game on Friday, December 16.