Boys Basketball hopeful despite loss against El Toro

Staff Writer
Varsity Boys Basketball lost 50-73 against El Toro High School, on December 14. This game was part of the Irvine World News Tournament, and took place at Woodbridge. 
At the start of the game the, Trojans missed many passes. “Yesterday was a blowout loss for us and we shot poorly the entire game.” Captain Kevin Yahampath (Jr.) said.
Despite the loss, this game motivated the boys to train harder as a team, and will constantly remind them to enter other games with maximum intensity.
The boys are looking forward to competing in other tournaments, as well as playing for a strong place in season. “I’m looking forward to competing for the league championship because I feel we have a great shot at it this year because the team is capable of so much.” Yahampath said.
Varsity Boys Basketball will go on to play against Woodbridge in the next round of the Irvine World News Tournament on December 17 at El Dorado High School.