Boys Basketball loses to El Toro

Staff Writer 
Boys basketball played its second game of the year against El Toro on Wednesday, December 14, but lost 50-73. This game continued the 33rd Annual Irvine World News Tournament– a weeklong competition with a 16 team bracket, which is held in multiple schools throughout Orange County.
“We had a terrible game tonight,” Captain Kevin Yahampath (Jr.) said. “This would’ve been a big win for us because we’ve been wanting to play El Toro for a while now– now we just got to get back up because we’re 3 and 3 into this season, so we just have to get back into it.”
The boys were were scored upon several times during the first two quarters, but then kept the twenty three point gap from exacerbating.
“We could’ve played a lot better in the first half. We got behind quick so we just had to get back from that,” guard Mitchell Kauker (Sr.) said.
One of the key players, center Ryan Pham (Sr.) was not able to step in until the last 3 minutes of the fourth quarter due to unknown circumstances.
However, even with this defeat, all hope is not lost. Guard Darrah Shaygan (Sr.) said, “We’ve only played six games and there’s like twenty left. If you look at everything, we’re just not shooting well and that’s what it comes down too.”
The next game for Boys Basketball will be held in Orlando, Florida during the KSA Holiday Tournament on December 29.