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    SouthCaliGirlDec 19, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    This is wonderful news! Life as it should be! I’m so happy and proud that my child attends a school that embraces everyone’s individuality and their right to be who they truly are!

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      GentlereminderJan 13, 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Hello. I comment out of love, not to condemn anyone, but on behalf of all Trojans’ best interest. Sexual orientation is a Freudian construct that presupposes our identity purely on our most immediate lusts. It’s my humble concern, that this new bathroom policy would inevitably lead to students of all other orientations feeling left out and asking to be recognized as well. The logical conclusion to a non-binary categorization is the inclusion of every sexual attraction out there.
      Every day we are seeing more and more dark desires being justified as good things–e.g. “savage”, “hangry”, “antisocial”, etc. Many actually feel the need to mutilate themselves biologically to fulfill their sexual identity, and some even feel the need to sleep with members of other species. Self-definition is sleek as a concept, but it’s my earnest opinion that this is irresponsible to promote in reality. To those who are currently viewed as “deviants,” this new policy can only be seen as favoritism and unjust discrimination. Unless, of course, we are also willing to implement waterless toilets for those who identify as napkins. Years from now, I suspect that we will see even more outpouring of these underground communities (relegated to tumblr as of now), emboldened by the precedents that we set now. We’re all creatures with impulses that we should disobey and repress, right? The opposite is, I believe, what our promiscuous side craves for.
      Thank you all for all the hard work that you do for this website. Go Uni!

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        SouthCaliGirlApr 17, 2017 at 8:37 pm

        I just saw this and wanted to reply. You lead your comment talking about sexual orientation, but gender is not about sexual orientation. Sexual orientation describes who we are attracted to and gender has to do with how we identify ourself. I am certain you have the best of intentions, but this is about gender and personal identity. There is no favoritism in true neutrality. Gender neutral bathrooms are inclusive for everyone, regardless of where they identify on the gender spectrum.

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