Redesigned Unilympics to return in second semester


The redesigned Unilympics will return February 6th and continue through February 10th. (Courtesy of UHS ASB)

Staff Writer
Unilympics, the “second semester Spirit Week” that Associated Student Body (ASB) has organized in years prior, is returning from February 6th to 10th with a focus of involving more students and upgrading events.
One major change includes the addition of an overarching theme. “This year, although a few things have yet to be finalized, we’re looking to mimic the real Olympics,” ASB President Andrew Nguyen (Sr.) said.
Unilympics is a week-long event that “generates class pride through competition, similar to Spirit Week,” Nguyen said.
“There was no event like Spirit Week during the second semester, and it was out of this, Unilympics was born,” ASB Vice President Dillon Sun (Sr.) said.
Sun also commented that ASB is “planning to have an Olympic Torch Run Ceremony and will assign each class to an Olympic Ring color” to get into the true Olympic-spirit.

Each class will “pre-assemble a group of students that will represent their class in traditional sports, like basketball and volleyball,” Nguyen said.
ASB will hold various events daily so each grade level can compete in sporting matches and other activities.  By hosting various “events,” ASB plans to include multiple sports games during lunch, such as basketball and soccer, and also have non-athletic events during office hours, such as academic trivia tournaments and a Super Smash Showdown in the gym. The annual dodgeball tournament will also be held later during the week.
However, the casual dance originally held on Friday has been canceled because it coincides with University High School’s Dance Company’s performance that same night.
“Even without the dance, this year’s Unilympics is already going to be way better than last year. We are currently planning the reallocation of the dance money to make the week even more fun for the student body,” Sun said.  
Unilympics has already demonstrated increased student interest compared to previous years. As of this week, over 200 people have signed up to participate in this year’s games and activities.
“The major goal we’re looking to reach in this year’s Unilympics is to achieve just pure fun. I think in the past ASB was too concerned on involving every facet of the student population,” Nguyen said.
“This year, our approach is understanding that competition and pride can still be achieved through spectating. It is our belief now that personal investment is derived from one’s own pride for something, not necessarily being actively involved.”