Ms. Turner, DHH interpreter, to retire in late February


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Ms. Carol Turner (DHH Department) helps a DHH student in class. (Amanda Tran)

Staff Writer
Ms. Carol Turner (DHH Department) will retire as a DHH interpreter after 31 years in the DHH department in late February.
“I’ve been in Uni since ‘86, loved every minute of it. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been over 30 years,” Turner said.
She has worked with a wide range of students both in class and outside, including those on the football team, and several students of other after school sports. She claimed that working after school sports and watching both deaf and hearing students interact gave her a better opportunity to understand both parties inside and outside the classroom
“The staff, both DHH and hearing, really work well to try and make it so that all these kids have the same opportunities,” Turner said. “The ASL classes offered here, that are available for anyone to take, really benefit both the deaf and hearing kids. The hearing kids get to see that there really isn’t anything different about deaf kids. They always find a way to communicate.”
After finishing high school, she worked at Taft Elementary School in Santa Ana from 1974 to 1977. She then moved to the Orange County Department of Education to work with the DHH program. In total, Turner has worked in the Orange County DHH program for 43 years.
“The staff in Uni really care. They really do anything they can to make things better for the deaf kids. I’m going to miss that,” Turner said. “Likewise, I’m also going to the miss the energy surrounding the kids. That’s the sort of thing that has kept me going for the last 40 or so years!”
Many students in the DHH program have expressed that they will miss Turner once she retires.
“We will miss her alot,” Christian Blanco (So.) said. “She will be welcome at Uni anytime because she will always be a part of our family no matter what.”