Greatness: a poem


Staff Writer
the river is too wide for me to see the other side.
this is my journey.
I cannot turn back.
I have come a long way from the bank,
moving from one rock to another –
the rocks cast by our forerunners,
still in the rushing water.
Now, I am standing on the last rock.
I am sorry
I am exhausted.
Look at me –
my eyes can barely open,
my back is hunched
and I struggle to swallow.
My strength drains as the droplets on my fingertips
fall down into the unknown.
I know you can’t see me here,
but I will use the last of my strength to cast the rock I carry
a little bit further than the one I stand on.
Yes, the rock you will step on one day.
And I, like our forerunners,
will get you one step closer to the opposite side
after I fall.
Inspired by Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl.