Over 330 parking permits sold for the second semester


The “Junior Lot” is conveniently located for students just steps from the 200s Classroom Building. (Martin Chinn)

The "Junior Lot" is conveniently located for students just steps from the 200s Classroom Building. (Martin Chinn)
Parking permits for parking at UHS are sold at the beginning of each semester. (Martin Chinn)

Staff Writer
331 parking permits were issued to UHS students by Campus Security Officers at the beginning of the second semester. Parking permits at University High School (UHS) cost $40, and must be renewed every semester. The Irvine Police Department started ticketing vehicles that are parked on campus without a parking permit last week.
This semester, almost all seniors and juniors, in addition to some sophomores, who requested a parking permit received one. Last semester, however, all seniors who applied during the permit period were guaranteed a parking spot, but due to a lack of parking spots, juniors who applied were subject to a raffle for the remaining spots.
Last semester around 340 permits were sold, however this semester only 331 permits were sold.
Our steps have changed since last year,” Ms. Barbara Vasquez (Campus Security) said. “That’s just to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at the parking system.”
All juniors, seniors, and sophomores who applied are still required to attend a Smart Start driving presentation provided by the Irvine Police Department.
Opinion on campus is mixed regarding the effectiveness of the current parking permit system.
“I think [the permit system] it’s good because we have limited spots, people who buy the permit should get that spot,” Ny Nguyen (Sr.) said.
“The process itself is kind of time consuming … I think we should do it once a year instead once per semester,” Karen Yuan (Jr.) said.