Room For Romance

Happy Hubers! The Huber family embrace one another. UHS YEARBOOK 2015

Staff Writer
Ah, February: the month of love. From the abundance of chocolate and balloons to the multitudes of dating couples walking hand in hand on campus, it’s clear that love is in the air. But it begs the question: sure, dating is fun and all, but what about marriage? What about being married and working in the same school? Enter the Hubers, one of many other teachers on our campus who work and live together. Mr. Joseph Huber (Science Dept.) teaches science and Mrs. Kim Huber (Math Dept.) teaches math. Though the two subjects do overlap at times, some aspects of each are vastly different. So how did Mr. and Mrs. Huber meet?
As Mr. Huber tells it, he first met Mrs. Huber in Room 307. It was her first year at Uni and Room 307 was the room she was to move into. It just so happened to be that that room was also Mr. Huber’s old room which he had to move out of. The room change didn’t go very smoothly, however, as Mr. Huber remarked that “I had all my science junk everywhere, Mr. Cunningham’s junk was everywhere (he was moving in)… The room was a disaster and she was supposed to move in.” So as Mr. Huber scrabbled to move out and clean the room, a slightly freaked out Mrs. Huber happened to walk by with the department chair. Upon sight of the room, he (the department chair) remarked, “What’s going on? This room is a mess. By the way, this is Kim, our new math teacher.” And so, via a messy room and happenstance, one of Uni’s most beloved teacher pairs met. Thanks, department chair, for the introduction!
But how did it go after that first meeting? Was it actually fun to work in the same school? Or was it fun then but dull now? Turns out, the fact that they work at the same school couldn’t have worked out better. In fact, they still go on what they call “standing snack dates” everyday. Mr. Huber would go to Mrs. Huber’s room during snack and then they would both walk to the restroom together. Mr. Huber happily exclaims, “And so we have our romantic snack date!” But even beyond the simple pleasures of being together during breaks, working together also has some practical uses.
“At snack, we can also catch up with what went on with Leah [the Hubers’ daugher] and we can talk about any plans we have to do.” Since their daughter has Down Syndrome, the Hubers need to spend more time with her and need to be ready and easy to reach if anything happens. Luckily, the school allows the Hubers to stagger their schedules. Mr. Huber comes in for zero period so he can leave early to get Leah, and Mrs. Huber starts second period so she can drop Leah off in the morning.
Although the experiences of other teacher spouses no doubt vary, one thing, however, can apply to them all: the experiences gained have only made their bonds grow stronger.