Boys Lacrosse gains momentum after defeating Segerstrom 15-2

Staff Writer
Boys Varsity Lacrosse won 15-2 against Segerstrom High School on Wednesday, March 15. This marks their third victory in a row.
Despite the strong victory, the team is humble about their performance. “Second quarter is when we actually started playing team ball,” Co-captain Omar Salah (Sr.) said. “That’s when we started passing accurately and started actually scoring.”
Coach Andreas Gaynor (Athletics Dept.) agrees with Saleh’s characterization of the game. “This should have been a really fun game but we were a little stressed,” Coach Gaynor said. “We came out a little chaotic but then we settled down and began scoring. Once we settled down, we started sharing the ball and making passes which, makes scoring easier.”
Co-captain Nick Khamseh (Jr.) points out that this trend has been apparent throughout recent games. “We’ve gotten into this drill where we kind of get a lazy start, but once we start playing we start getting our momentum and that’s when we really get goals on the board,” Khamseh said.
During the game, some of the newer players had more opportunities to play. “It’s great when when the score is up because we can put some younger people in and they get more time to play,” Khamseh said.
“We’re still getting better and better,” Coach Gaynor said. “The more they learn about the game, the better they’re going to play.”
The team has won four out of six total games this season. Their next game is on Monday March 20 against Beckman High School.