A Nightmare Come True: a poem


Illustrated by CATHERINE CHEN

The night creeps slowly over fallen autumn,
shadows lingering in open crevices of the earth.
Gusts of wind whisper and fill the eerie silence,
and in the velvet night lost souls wander,
summoning deep forests where creatures stir.

The clock chimes every hour,
awaiting all mischief to pervade the night.
During this time of wicked festivities,
in the bone chilling mist,
strike the beasts and other dangerous kind.

In the dark forest where the trees dance,
the ground thumps beats of life.
Coarse laughter penetrates the earth,
and flames crackle like stardust
in the gloom of the night.

And on this very special day,
when all is hidden from the human eye,
one must not think too much
of the evil that silently lies.
For it is when you choose to  peek,
that the night will finally strike!

Staff Writer