Boys Lacrosse dominates Valencia 16-5

Staff Writer
Boys Varsity Lacrosse continues their winning streak with a 16-5 win against Valencia High School on Friday, March 17.
“Our opponent never really had any scoring opportunity, we controlled the ball the entire game and played with lots of intensity,” Nick Khamseh (Jr.) said. “We played really well and had a lot of great teamwork which led us to run the score up and keep the other team shut out of chance.”
Throughout the game, Khamseh scored nine points, Oliver Kubit (So.) scored three points, Isaiah Bonnafoux (Sr.) scored one point, Brandon Hariyanto (So.) scored one point and Jeffrey Ly (Jr.) scored one point.
Despite the competitive nature of lacrosse, the team members feel that they were still able to enjoy the game for what it is. “At the end of the game, they knew they played the best and they didn’t have any hard feelings against us,” Ly said. “The game was extremely fun for both teams.”
The team was able to recognize their weaknesses in this match, providing a valuable lesson for future games. “Our offense was doing pretty well, but we still have some insufficient skills that we should work on like some fundamental skills and running up five yards to get into position,” Ly said. “However, we cooperated in the later quarter and figured it out how to solve these problems.”
The team will have their next home game on March 29 against Woodbridge High School.