Sometime in the Night: a poem


Staff Writer
Sometime in the night,
A man will cheat his life,
A woman will face strife –
Life seems an awful fright.
Two parents will sleep late,
Discussing bills unpaid,
Salvaging plans mislaid,
All for a son of eight.
A stir beneath a bed,
Perhaps a curious rat,
Or just a wispy draft,
Still plagues a child’s head.
Somebody will drive out,
To lose their mind somehow,
To make themselves unbound,
To change what they’re about.
A pair falls out of love,
They’ve drifted far away.
Two others dream bouquets,
Waiting for their white doves.
But sometime past the dawn,
They’ll all forget the night,
And go on with the fight,
Erring and slaving on.