Boys and Girls Track struggles to perform against Beckman


Harry Baker (Sr.) leads at the front of the 100m to win first. (A.Iwata)

Staff Writer
Boys and Girls Varsity and JV Track lost badly to Beckman last Thursday. Although both teams are about evenly matched on paper, it seemed the Trojans were off their game and had to rely on their runners to come through.
It was a great day for the Trojan short-distance runners. Harry Baker (Sr.) placed first in the 100 and 200, Jeremy Koo (Jr.) placed first in the 400 and second in the 200, Ceci Langlois (So.) placed first in the mile, and Paige Metayer (Jr.) placed first in the 400 and 800. Baker seems to have made the 200 his signature event, as he recently broke the school record in the 200 with a time of 22.26 seconds. Koo has done the same in the 400, and Metayer seems to win every event she runs.
Track scoring gives five points to a first place finish, three points to a second place finish, and one to a third place finish, so getting first in an event is crucial, as it guarantees the team to win that event. Events such as the Boys 200 can be massive for the Trojans, as placing first and second in the event gives the Trojans eight and leaves Beckman with only one for its third place finish.
However, there were far too many other events that were swept by the Patriots. Losing all nine of the available points in an event can be difficult to come back from; a team might need to place first and third in three events to make up the points. For example, the Patriots swept the Trojans in the mile, and the team never made up those points.
Even if the result wasn’t what the team wanted, there is still plenty to draw from this loss. Aaron Huang (Jr.) said, “If we go on improving at this rate, we can definitely hit our stride and start winning our matchups.”
After getting a good rest over spring break, the team looks to bounce back in their matchup against Northwood on Thursday, April 13.