Girls Lacrosse dominates Irvine 19-2


Player Kerri Lutrell (Sr.) scored a point in the beginning half of the game

Staff Writer
Girls Varsity Lacrosse receives another victory in a 19-2 win against Irvine High School.
Within the opening minutes of the game, the team struck quickly and scored three points. The first half of the game ended with a score of 12-0. The team as a whole worked hard together to score the most possible points. Ashley Chandler (Jr.) scored three points, Molly Pirus (Jr.) scored two points, Annekke Gustafson (Sr.) scored two points, Raean Artim (Sr.) scored two points, Honia Mohtashami (Sr.) scored one point, and Kerri Luttrell (Sr.) scored one point.
“It was a great game, a lot of people scored points, and I am proud of my left hand goal,” Chandler said. “Every girl plays hard and gives out all their best.”
The Vaqueros tried to lower the deficit in the second half of the game, but the task proved to be too difficult. Several players, including Artim, Mohtashami, Chandler, Mackenzie Zambo (Sr.) Kaylor Chott (So), Saina Mahmoudian (Sr.) scored a point as well. However, in the middle of the second half, Megan Lee (Sr.) got a yellow card for the first time for violating danger propelling.
“I was about to shoot, but she [the other team member] suddenly appeared, so I accidently hit her stomach with my stick,” said Lee. “I think I could of done better, but the team did really well. We kept our level.”
Girls Varsity Lacrosse will have their next home game against Sage Hill High School on Friday, April 14.